One of our most sumptuous and special collections, the Splendeur Soie designs by Lise Charmel are truly elegant. Luxurious silk satin is highlighted by sheer tulle and contrasting embroidery, whilst feminine details add a touch of luxury. The collection incorporates guipure inserts and Leavers lace, and both play their part in making the wearer feel special, comfortable and loved. Available in several colours, the Azur is fresh, delicate and summery in a pale sky blue with a mix of tone-on-tone embroidery and a touch of ivory lace.

Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Azur

Splendeur Soie Azur Camisole

Lise Charmel


Splendeur Soie Azur Chemise

Lise Charmel


Splendeur Soie Azur Shorts

Lise Charmel


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