Treat someone special with our Personalised Gift Service

How To Buy (And Receive) The Perfect Gift

Lingerie is a really special gift for most women and getting it right can be tricky so it's a real wow when it’s spot on.  Juste Moi’s personalised gift service will help you to choose the perfect gift just for her (or him!)

The Juste Moi Gift Promise

We have been helping men and women choose the perfect gift for years, and we’re confident we can get it right for you – or your money back – and that’s a promise! 

Our step-by-step gift advice will give you some great tips to help you choose the perfect present. And if you are buying for an existing Juste Moi customer she may have already given you a head start by creating her own personalised wish list of Juste Moi products. She can send you access to these details by email making your choice a lot simpler (while still being your choice of a guaranteed list of items she loves!) Or you can contact our team of Gift Specialists for more advice and tailored recommendations. Email us at [email protected] or call us on +44(0) 1803 833070 to contact one of our Gift Specialists now. 

Tailored Gift Advice – Just for You

To select the perfect gift, just follow one or two of these simple tips: 

1. Do a bit of homework first

If you are buying for someone who has purchased from us before, we will hopefully have her permission to share her size and style preferences with you so email us at [email protected] or call us on +44(0) 1803 833070.

If not - we can still get the perfect gift for her! 

Try and take a look into her wardrobe and underwear drawer, you may be able to take a look at her size of bras and briefs and you should be able to spot her favourite colours and styles.

Make sure you look at sizes on things she wears now, not things she used to wear when she was a different size! (We hesitate to suggest it, but you could look in the laundry basket!!) 

Also, have a look at which brands she has previously purchased, it will give you a good idea of what she knows fits her well.

It needn’t take very long but should give you a head start in working out what she would most like to receive.

If you don't mind her knowing you are considering getting her a gift, why not ask her to fill in a few ideas on one of our online Wishlists and email it to us or you?  That way you can still surprise her but you know she’ll love whatever you buy!

2. Try and answer the following questions: 

a) What would you like to say with the gift? Do you want to buy something that's:

                  seductive but tasteful
                  exclusive designer
                  fun fashion
                  classically beautiful 
                  pretty but still wearable and practical
                  great for everyday wear with a focus on the look it gives when teamed with her favourite outfits 

b) What sort of style does she generally like - designer labels? young and trendy? elegant and sophisticated? 

Our brand descriptions and search by brand facility will point you towards gift in these categories.

c) What style of underwear does she wear now and what sort of clothes does she wear? 

For example if she likes fitted tops and you want to get her something she can wear every day then it’s good to opt for a smooth/seamless fitting cupped/padded (T-Shirt) bra. Does she like a particular style that she knows suits her?

d) What colours does she wear? 

A lot of women like colours to match their outfits so think about any special outfits she has that you could choose underwear for. If she wears a lot of white it may be good to get her a neutral colour like cream, natural or nude if it’s for everyday wear. Alternatively, choose something in her favourite colour or go for shades that match her skin tone and eye colour.

e) The all-important question - what size is she? 

If you’re not sure what size to buy, our bra fitting guide will offer more help or let us work it out – we are the experts! Contact our team of Gift Specialists for more advice and tailored recommendations. Email us at [email protected] or call us on +44(0) 1803 833070. 

Here are a few extra tips for maximum brownie points…

We usually recommend that you buy at least two pairs of briefs - women wear their bra at least a couple of times before washing it so it's nice to have a couple of pair of knickers to match, and some people like a choice of styles too for different outfits.

If you’re really not sure about her size then why not consider some of our gorgeous nightwear or loungewear, which is a lot easier to get right!  

If you want to make her feel really special, why not add a suspender belt or stockings – the sort of gifts she might not treat herself to that often but will love!

Fast & Free Delivery

Once you have selected the perfect gift, choose from our standard or express delivery options to ensure your gift arrives in time. See our
Delivery Service for options to send your items free of charge or by our next day service. 

No Quibble Returns

Nobody’s perfect all the time, so in the unlikely event that you do get it wrong, rest assured you can have a full refund, exchange or credit note on any unwanted gifts within 28 days.

See our Returns & Exchange Service for details of how you can easily return any unwanted items, no quibbles.

For further encouragement to take the plunge and have a go at finding the perfect gift, read what some of our customers who have bought or received gifts from us in the past have to say:

 ‘I loved the fact that he chose it especially and it was great to see his selection!’  

‘I’d never shopped with Juste Moi before so he didn’t know my size and even though I needed to swap it for a slightly different one,
it was still such a special gift that I told everyone about it!’  

‘It was great fun filling in a Wishlist - the selection is amazing and it was a real treat to receive such a beautifully packaged present!’

‘You turned what is normally a nightmare into a fun and positive gift buying  experience – thanks so much to all the team
…I’ll be back every year!’