Fitting Advice

You’ve probably heard the rumour… and it’s true! About 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and as fitting experts, we can vouch for the fact that professional fitting advice can literally transform your life. Finally finding the perfect size and style of lingerie / swimwear will make you look and feel instantly slimmer, taller and more confident – and of course, properly supported and comfortable!

If you are happy with the fitting of your current garments and just want to check the sizes we stock or see how non UK sizes translate to UK sizes, please view our Sizing Charts below or have a look at our Sizing Guide page

However, if you are not entirely happy with the fitting or style of your existing lingerie  or swimwear or have faithfully stuck to your trusty 34B for years, we can help you Find your Perfect Fit in 5 Easy Steps in 5 Minutes with our online fitting guide.

And remember … our dedicated team of Fitting Experts are on hand to help if you need a bit of extra specialist advice - just call us on +44(0)1803 833070 or email us at [email protected].

Bra Band and Cup sizing charts

Alternative Bra size chart

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