Care Guide Lingerie & Nightwear

Caring for your Garments & Making them Last

The golden rule: To keep things simple, always follow the care instructions given on the label of your garments. To give you an idea of what is required, this usually means:

  1. Wash garments only when needed; bras can be worn more than once before washing
  2. Unless the label states otherwise, we recommend washing by hand for the best results and to keep your gorgeous garments looking pristine for a long time
  3. Wash in warm water (max. 30°C) with a mild detergent (e.g. one specially designed for delicates)
  4. Simply give your garments a few quick dips in the water, there’s no need to wring or rub them, then rinse them with clear warm water – it only takes 2 minutes!
  5. Drip dry - for example over the bath, on a washing line, or on a drying rack with a towel underneath. Hang bras and bikini tops by the central front panel to dry evenly. You can also dry flat on a towel
  6. Only put garments away once they are completely dry – and, good news, never iron them!

Following these few steps is really easy and the washing process only takes 2 minutes, even by hand – plus it leaves your garments looking great for longer.

For more details on caring for your garments and making them last, take a look at our full Care Guide

Happy washing and here’s to long lasting lingerie and nightwear!