Marie Jo's Axelle collections are varied and versatile. Available in florals, plains, delicate polka dot patterns, pale summer colours or deep, warm winter shades, the choices are vast yet the fit is absolutely consistent. In many bra styles both padded and unpadded, once your choice is made it simply becomes a question of colour and pattern on a seasonal basis. This winter, florals consist of big blooms and as they dominate the catwalks, so they present themselves beautifully here at Juste Moi, in ravishing pinks set against a midnight blue base.

Marie Jo Axelle Midnight Blue

Axelle Midnight Blue Round Bra

Marie Jo

£49.00 (£82.95)

Axelle Midnight Blue Short

Marie Jo

£29.00 (£48.95)

Axelle Midnight Blue Thong

Marie Jo

£25.00 (£35.95)

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