Katherine Hamilton is a designer of larger cup lingerie in sizes 26-38, D-HH. Her sumptuous designs combine luxurious materials from silks to french lace with superior technical fit and comfort. Katherine's pioneering designs are inspired by her personal philosophy of embracing and empowering women with comfort, confidence and elegance. She sees lingerie as a tool with which to support women not only physically but emotionally, to lift their self-esteem and communicate their self-worth. Her designs bring an image of effortless beauty, whilst hidden beneath are years of expert technical research and development which have created a trademark shape of forward projection and lift with a rounded silhouette. This British brand's misson is to attend to all aspects of fit, form, beauty to comfort delivering the ultimate in intimate apparel that serves women all day and every day. Juste Moi  is delighted to offer this luxury lingerie to our collection.

Katherine Hamilton