The 10 Best Lingerie Brands You Should Know

The 10 Best Lingerie Brands You Should Know

If you love to feel luxurious, classy and empowered every time you slip into some lingerie, we've got the ultimate treat for you. Because in this article, we're sharing ten of the very best lingerie brands on the market today.   

The Best Lingerie Brands

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You don't just want to wear lingerie that lives up to a certain standard. You want to wear lingerie that sets the standard. The type of lingerie that screams elegance and style. 

The type of expertly crafted, sensuous lingerie that seduces you with its charms. In the momentEvery moment. The illustrious set of lingerie brands we're about to share will ooze class. And, they're currently the best lingerie brands that money can buy.

So if you're looking for the best of the best sit back, relax and read on. In no particular order, here's our ultimate guide to the best lingerie brands you need to know. 

The 10 Best Lingerie Brands You Should Know

1. Empreinte - Best for Larger Cup Sizes and for When Feeling Sexy is a Must

A constant favourite with ladies of mid to large cup sizes, the Empreinte brand is on a mission to give women the freedom to enjoy their bodies. 

Sexy and ultra feminine in style, Empreinte offer a super fit for the lady with the bigger bust. Most recently, Most recently, a Spacer Bra has been added to its collection.

If you've ever been searching for the right type of under t-shirt support - with no visible lines yet as light as a feather, this could be the ideal choice for you.

Empreinte has responded admirably to the widespread customer request for a bra to be added to its collection, for wear under lighter, clingier summer clothing. 

Combining embroidery and lace with eye-catching patterns and stunning fabrics, or innovative developments, an Empreinte bra is sure to make you feel all the right types of beautiful, sexy and confident.  

2. Lise Charmel - Best for Sumptuous Elegance 

The best, most sumptuous lingerie brand on the market, the Lise Charmel brand combines flawless fabric with perfect cuts to bring the old world into the new. 

It comes from a romantic, bygone era where stockings and girdles were embraced by every woman, Lise Charmel has taken those traditional origins and evolved with new, ageless looks. 

With this best lingerie brand, you're sure to find that gorgeous elegant piece to perfect your silhouette. 

Keep a special eye out for current Danse des Lianes collection. It's been receiving some rave reviews. 

3. Aubade - Best for Sexy Seduction in All Cup Sizes

Aubade is one of the world's greatest luxury brands of exceptional, highly sought after lingerie. 

Famous for its iconic half cup bra, the Aubade brand is a little daring and oozes elegance and authenticity with every piece. 

With a French-styled signature feel, every collection has a seductive appeal that always seems to transcend time. 

Made from luxurious fabrics that portray the luxurious nature of the brand, Aubade is the brand you could fall in love with.

4. Prima Donna - Best for Maximum Support for Larger Cups

Boasting all of the quality of its sister brand, Marie Jo, Prima Donna is another brand of choice for the larger cup-sized lady who prefers fuller cups and less transparency. 

Using high-quality fabrics that offer incredible lift and support, Prima Donna collections are popular for everyday wear, as well as for those super sultry special occasions. 

For the lady who wants to accentuate her natural elegance and embrace her sought-after curves, this brand offers everything from elegant feminine classics to smooth seamless styles.

5. Marie Jo - Best for Consistency and For Smaller Cup Sizes

Brilliant at everyday continuity, while combining new colours and popular styles, the Marie Jo brand is versatile and right on trend, offering a unique variety of collections in a range of sizes. 

In particular, the lady with an average or smaller cup size will find much to admire in every Marie Jo collection.  

So, whether you choose to embrace your inner action hero, or if you're interested in a more relaxing evening in, lingerie will never feel so good or fit so well. 

6. Marjolaine - Best for High-End Silk 

Hailing from Lyon in France, the Marjolaine brand provides high end, desirable silk nightwear that packs a seriously seductive punch.

With the stylish simplicity of French design, clean cut lines, seductive lace and elegant silk, this brand proves that nightwear and dressing gowns don't have to be complicated to be beautiful. Contemporary, fashionable and highly sought after, this brand will seek to match your own innate air of elegance and sophistication.

Looking good feels great, right? And classic elegance never goes out of style. 

7. Wacoal - Best for Everyday Fit and Comfort

Offering beautiful styles, indulgent fabrics and complete support in a wide variety of offerings, the Wacoal brand has something to appeal to everyone. 

If you want to feel empowered and confident in perfectly fitted everyday wear, this is one of the best lingerie brands that you are ever likely to find. 

With beautiful styles to flatter every figure, the Wacoal brand may well become your new favourite for everyday wear. 

8. B. Tempt'd by Wacoal - Best for Fun and Flirty 

When looking for one of the best lingerie brands to make you look and feel alive, look no further than the B. Tempt'd brand from Wacoal. 

If sexy seduction is the name of your game, then this collection will be right up your street. 

Combining superb quality fits with extreme comfort, this brand allows you to embrace the feminine goddess inside! And, it lets you do it in supreme style. 

Fun and flirty but with an added air of sophistication, this exquisite range will ensure that you feel every bit as gorgeous as you look.

9. Millesia - Best for Exquisite Designs

Another French brand providing luxurious lingerie, the Millesia brand combines exquisite cuts with innovative designs - both of which serve to produce exemplary feminine looks and flamboyant, sensuous styles. 

Perfect for that special occasion, the refined and delicate collections on offer will definitely add to your look. 

With this brand, sensuous refinement meets feminine seduction. And, the result is pure luxuriant indulgence. 

10. Maison Lejaby - Best for a Mix of Feminine Styles

Maison Lejaby is simply a French institution and has been the driving force in French Lingerie since the 1930s. 

Bolstered by its traditional savoir-faire and in tune with the spirit of the moment, it has reinvented itself in recent years with perfect cuts and impeccable fits. 

The older, more traditional designs have been reimagined and are now presented in a delightful mix - the old style now combined with a more modern, contemporary feel. 

Explore its chic range of feminine bras and underwear, and you will no doubt succumb to its charm.

The Best Lingerie Brands 

Whether you're looking for yourself or whether someone else is trying to pick the perfect present for you, buying lingerie can be daunting sometimes, especially if you don't know which brands to look out for. 

You can now consider yourself fully versed on the best lingerie brands that money can buy. 
Why not treat yourself with something beautiful today?

After all, the lingerie you wear is always speaking for you. The question is, what do you want it to say?

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