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2014 Collection

Created in St Tropez in the 1970's, Vilebrequin became THE creator of high quality swimwear. This year, the quality is combined with design theme 'Tour du Monde' in a watercoloured collection which takes its audience around the World to visit images of the Planet's most beautiful destinations. To take advantage of the soccer World Cup, Vilebrequin invites you to take a trip to Brazil and its' stunning beaches. To celebrate the Tour de France in July, a Parisian scene awaits, and so the collection unfolds into a summertime of sport, sailing, swimming and exotic holidays.

If you are a fan of these exceptional quality swimshorts, you will love these designs. For men, choose from traditional Moorea shorter boxer short through to Okoa longer boxer short. For children, matching boy's swimming trunks from the age of 2.

Juste Moi is widely acclaimed as having the widest on line range of Vilebrequin men’s and boy’s swimming shorts and accessories in the UK.


Zaza de Brito is Vilebrequin’s designer and she has drawn her inspiration for the collections from the 4000 year old textile traditions of India. The general theme of saris and turbans comes through in many of the designs as do the animals and people that live in India. The patchwork- patterned swimming shorts are based on the turban with Vilebrequin’s typical use of colour coming from pinks, oranges, yellows and reds coming from traditional saris.

From the world of animals, Zaza has featured the gray langur, a monkey with features contrasting with its fur, the gharial with its distinctive jaw, the Bengal tiger, the blue peacock and the tortoise. Nature also features heavily in Zaza’s new Vilebrequin collections with the lotus, the symbol of the chakras and Indian carnations.

The founder of Vilebrequin started his iconic brand in the 1970s by cutting up a white and red chequered tablecloth in search of a bathing suit that was suitable for swimming. Whilst happy with the revolutionary cut, he was not satisfied with the fabric and kept experimenting with fabrics until eventually he found a spinnaker textile which dried remarkably fast. It was this that changed the face of men’s swimwear. Initially, Vilebrequin creations were only distributed in Saint Tropez but soon gained a fantastic reputation amongst the Saint Tropez regulars but Vilebrequin only gained international prominence when its current owner, TRB International purchased the brand.

Meaning ‘crankshaft’ in French, the brand is synonymous with colourful and practical swimwear. The Vilebrequin collection today has hundreds of different styles, both long Okoa and standard Moorea and ranging from elastic waistbands to those with more stylized cuts featuring a flat waistband and lace up or grommet fastenings. Each year, Vilebrequin issue a new set of prints and the trunks attract a following similar to the prints of Hermes ties. Vilebrequin then launched it’s a like father like son marketing concept whereby a miniature version is available from the age of 6 months only.

Vilebrequin shorts have a one-piece mesh lining which makes them comfortable to wear, and they feature such details as a button hole stitched into the back pocket which avoids the ballooning effect usually experienced when entering the water in other shorts. Vilebrequin also provides a full range of beach accessories including linen shirts, tee-shirts, polo shirts and sunhats all featuring the iconic Vilebrequin logo. Vilebrequin trunks are always accompanied by a waterproof pouch made with a specially treated canvas that prevents other items in your suitcase from getting wet.

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